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June 2015

QCDI #3000

By Astromanta, Hetamoé, André Pereira, and Mao. Published by Chili Com Carne

May 2015


By Marcos Farrajota, João Sobral, Tiago Baptista, João Machado, and Ana Matilde Sousa. Published by Chili Com Carne/Thisco and Clube do Inferno

November 2014

The Day The Masses Left History

By Astromanta

September 2014

Lightning Riding Waves of Fire

At El Pep Store & Gallery

March 2014

Need More Love

By Astromanta

December 2013

The Scorcher

By Astromanta

August 2013


At Purple Rose

July 2013

Lovebirds (The Human Ornament)

By Astromanta

December 2012

Idle Odalisque

By Astromanta & Hetamoé

December 2012

Inner Math / Megafauna

By André Pereira & João Machado